Thalassery Port is situated in the town of Thalassery in Kannur District Kerala. The port office and the Custom house at Thalassery was established in the year 1708. Thalassery was the first settlement of the British East India Company in Malabar. It is a healthy and picturesque port  protected by natural break water of  laterite rocks. The landing place is protected by a mud bank in addition to the natural break water of rocks. From 18th centuries to first part of the 20th century  this port had huge trade with most of the leading ports in the world like London, Rotterdam, Manchester, Marseilles, New York , Surat, Bombay etc. The trade at this port declined mainly  after the second world war and the shipping activities came to complete halt during the last part of 20th century.


The place for landing to this port is the port pier which extended to Arabian sea. The pier is situated 160 m north of the port office building 11o74! N, 75o48! E. The construction of the present pier was started in the year 1915 and completed in the year 1922. The condition of the pier is deteriorating and hence the entry is officially blocked    The Thalassery port Light House is situated on the bastion of the Thalassery Fort. The Port light was firth exhibited on flag mast head on 1835 and then transferred to the Fort. The present tower was constructed in the year 1903. The present activities of the port are conservation and Licensing port land, and port godowns. It served as the war watching Station under Indian Navy.

  • Channel NIL
  • Mean Tide NIL
  • Oil Terminal NIL
  • Cargo Pier NIL
  • Anchorage NIL
Distance from nearest ports

20 Km (Kannur Port)

Distance from nearest airports

27Km (Kannur Airport)



Number of employees

4 Employees

Contact Details

Deepan Kumar T

Port Officer in Charge


+91 9946415034, 04972771413




Office of the Port Officer
Port and Shipping Office
Kannur - 670009


Port Conservator


+91 9447342581, 04902320012




Office of the Port Conservator
Port Office
Customs Road
Thalassery PO Kannur - 670101

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