The state government’s Kerala Inland Vessel(KIV) rules 2010 that had governed construction and operational safety aspects of boat-making had turned obsolete ever since the Centre came up with a new Act, the Inland Vessels Act 2021, to replace a 1917 Act. Till the central Act was enacted on February 16, 2022, the state had been following the KIV rules prepared on the basis of the old Act. The rules were being enforced by the Kerala Maritime Board.


  1. Issue of license of Inland Vessel
  2. Issue of Survey Certificate of Inland vessel.
  3. Issue of Docking Certificate of Inland Vessel Docking Yard Certificate.
  4. Docking yard inspection and issue drydock certificate
  5. Issue of Crew Certificate of Lascar, Serang, Serang cum Driver, Engine Driver, Master Certificate
  6. Six Ports of Registry – Vizhinjam, Kollam, Alappuzha, Kodungallur, Beypore & Azheekal

IV Rules : Officers in Charge

Registering Authority, Chief Surveyor, Chief Examiner, Surveyor

  1. Registering Authority - Register Vessels
  2. Chief Surveyor & Surveyors – Survey Inland Vessel and issue Survey Certificates
  3. Chief Examiner – Conduct tests and examination of crews and issue certificates