This is an ancient port. No port operations are going on here. It is seen that a pier construction had been abandoned in its midway. Badagara, also known as Vadakara, is a trade centre for pepper, copra, timber and other products such as cement pottery. The Badagara Port is situated on the Malabar coast on the northern extremity of the Elathur-Badagara backwater, in the district of Kozhikode. Badagara was made the chief export station on the coast after it was taken over by the Mysoreans from the Kadathanad Raja. Later in 1790 it was taken over from Tippu Sulthan by the British and restored to the Kadathanad Raja. The port continued to be a centre of hectic trading till the 1st half of the twentieth century. 


There is a natural harbour at the estuary of the Moorad river called Sand Banks. This harbour is a beautiful location having very good tourism potential. Opposite to the harbour there is a large rock called “Sacrifice Rock” in the sea, four and a half miles from the land. It has a white aspect 40 feet in height. It is also locally called the “Velliyamkallu” meaning white silvery stone. The rock is steep around, the deapth being 22-25 metres close to it.

  • Channel NIL
  • Mean Tide NIL
  • Oil Terminal NIL
  • Cargo Pier NIL
  • Anchorage NIL
Distance from nearest ports

Beypore Port - 59 KM

Distance from nearest airports

Kannur airport -48 KM



Number of employees

8 Employees

Contact Details

Capt. Hari Achutha Varrier

Port Officer


+91 9847424533, 0495 2414863




Office of the Port Officer
Kerala Maritime Board
Beypore PO
Kozhikode - 673015 Regional Port Office- Beypore

Mohammed Rafi

Port Conservator


+91 9447687534, 0496- 2952555




Port & Shipping Office
Kozhikode - 673103

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