Port land exists at several locations under 17 ports owned by the Kerala Maritime Board. Under the Indian Ports Act 1908, 17 minor ports have been clearly demarcated. All these belong to the Ports Department and have been vested in the Kerala Maritime Board by passing the KMB Act 2017. As a means of revenue generation, port land, buildings, Godows etc. are leased to private parties on licence basis. Licencing of port land and other properties is done in accordance with the laid down rules and as per the Kerala Port Manual. The important GO’s to mention are GO(Rt)No. 386/20/F&PD dated 30/06/20.

It has been decided to set up a Land Management Unit under the Kerala Maritime Board to survey all the properties under the jurisdiction of the Kerala Maritime Board and erect boundary stones. In the 27th Kerala Maritime Board meeting, the above matter was discussed in detail and approval was given for the establishment of the Land Management Unit. The Land Management Unit was constituted by a team consisting of retired IAS Officer/District Collector, Taluk Surveyor and Village Officer as per the board meeting decision. The Land Management Unit is vested with the authority to survey and survey all the lands under the Kerala Maritime Board. For this an order has also been issued, Shri. V.K. Balan, Deputy Collector (retd) as unit head and Shri. P.K. Chandrabhanu, Deputy Director of Survey & Land Records (Retd.), Shri. Ravindran K, Tehsildar (Retd.), Shri. Baburajan T, Village Officer (Retd.) as members.

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