Kollam Port

Kollam Port

Latitude.tude. 8˚ 52’ N
longitude. 76˚ 35’ E.

Quilon or Kollam, is an old port town on the Arabian Coast. The town was an international emporium of trade in the olden days and now it is known as the cashew bowl of India. The beach sands of the Kollam district have concentrations of heavy minerals like Ilmenite, Rutile, Monosite and Zircon, large deposits of China clay in Kundara, Mulavana and Chathannoor. There are also lime shell and Bauxite deposits which makes it a strategic mining location. There are a number of traditional industrial units engaged in processing / manufacturing Coir, Cashew, Coconut, Timber, Spices, Starch, Marine Products, Tiles in the hinterland of the port.

The port has two wharves of 180m and 101m respectively. The second wharf will be extended to 175m with capacity to berth 12m draught vessels. There is a vast stacking yard of 10 acres near the wharf. Two transit sheds are also constructed near the new wharf. The present draft near the wharf is 6 to 7 metre. The port offers a good proposition for coastal traffic of Rice, Coconut, Tapioca, Cashew, Fertilizers & ocean going traffic for Minerals, Cashew, Fisheries, Coir , Tiles and Petroproducts.

At present 40 Feet Container Handling Crane, Reach Staker, 5T Hydra-825 obile Crane, Forklift, Weighting Machine, Vessel Traffic Monitoring system is available. And a tug named M.T. Malabar, Customs and Emigration facility also is available.